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Bolson Materials

Our materials come in vacuum-sealed spools that are inserted into the OEM cassettes.  The standard material spools carry
the same volume as the OEM product for your machine.  Where required, EEPROM solutions or Dongle Repair Devices (DRDs),
are provided with each spool of material and are included in the product price.  Our materials provide a direct plug and
play alternative to the OEM materials.

Spool Information

Select your machine type:

We ship a spool and an EEPROM chip (or DRD), you replace both by opening an existing cartridge, removing the empty spool and EEPROM, loading the re-fills.  Your 5 minutes of work will save $7,000/year if you use two spools per week, or $20,000 per year if you use four F360mc, F400mc, or F900mc spools per week.

Our “30” material equivalent is B32.  B32 may be run on any machine.  We just supply the proper EEPROM (or DRD) to run generic material versus OEM material.

Bolson B32abs

This ABS provides equivalent performance to the OEM ABS+.  The material can be used across any OEM machine running ABS.  Just plug and play.

This gives owners the using the regular OEM ABS, the ability to upgrade materials without the upgrade fee.

Bolson Solid Support

This is a standard (non-soluble) break away support.  The material can be used across any OEM machine running non-soluble support.  The material is easily dissolvable in Limonene.

Just plug and play.

Fortus / Vantage / Titan (FVT) Compatible Materials

Installation of the FVT spools and EEPROMS is seen here.

uPrint Compatible Materials

The OEM uPrint dongle is intended to fail (not be resettable) after it is run down to 0%. Our solution is to provide a Dongle Repair Device (DRD) that allows an old dongle to function as new. Installation of the DRD is seen here.

Owners of uPrint and uPrint SE machines can now run colors.


The above materials are available for Vantage/Titan and Fortus large format machines in 1900cc and 3000cc spools so you can run models over the weekend without having staff in to replace material canisters.  Please contact us for your specific application.

Select your volume requirement:

Custom Colors

We can provide custom colors for your application.  Send us a Pantone® number or standard we will provide a “best match” or an exact match pigment where available.  Typically, there is a $200 custom pigment fee, and a minimum of approximately 12 kg production run.  All custom pigment orders are prepaid.  Please contact us for further details.


From philrenato


We’re not sure why, but we have had quite a customer push for glow in the dark (GITD) ABS.  Who are we to argue? Right now we’re running a batch of what is, for lack of a shorter, better description, MONSTER GREEEN.  Please contact us for your application.



Watch how easy it is to swap a spool:

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